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The year is 1969: In the small city of Glennville people tend to stay to themselves. Neighbors matter. The streets, even in the poorest of neighborhoods are safe for children to travel on their own: Play kick the can after dark. But the city has its secrets, and those secrets have their dangers.

Under the city, a series of caves cut from the limestone by the Black River attract visitors, children, some have entered and never come out; maybe lost, maybe part of Glennville’s secrets.

Something else lives in the cold, dark caves. Something some have suspected but refuse to believe. After all, it’s 1969. Things are rational, safe.

Kyle Stevens in the Sheriff of Jefferson County, his office is in Glennville, since Glennville is the seat of Jefferson County. He likes his job. He likes the city. He came from Manhattan where crime was much worse; here he might have a serious case once every few months. Sure, even small places like Glennville have their share of run-aways, bar fights, mysteries, but in the summer of 1969 the body of a young woman is found dead in a weed choked field, and Kyle’s world changes forever…more


2020 September 14


LENGTH 421 Pages


SELLER Draft2Digital, LLC

SIZE 441.1 KB

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Once we had liberated a truck, it had still been slow going until we reached El Segundo Boulevard. The stalled traffic had been much lighter there, and we had been able to drive part of the way by cutting into the parking lots of fast food restaurants, that dotted almost the entire length of the highway. We had followed that to Willmington, and picked up another truck that had seen better days. Getting that truck had not been a problem; there were several used car lots along the road. We had used the parking lots to swing around the worst of the traffic, and that had worked well until we had intersected Compton Boulevard. It was hopelessly packed with stalled traffic. We had left the truck, which had sounded as if it was close to dying anyway, and struck out on foot again. Lana led the way as we cut cross lots through Compton Woodley Airport.

Crossing the dead airfield had been unnerving for both of us. The runways had cracked, and either lifted skyward, or tilted down into the ground. Blackened skeletons of large aircraft dotted the airfield. Most of them were so badly burned that we had been unable to tell what they had been before. I thought a couple of them may have been military aircraft, but as badly twisted as they were it was impossible to be sure.

Luggage, some burned, some untouched, was scattered across the airfield in every direction, and many of the suitcases were burst, with papers and clothing scattered everywhere along with other personal effects. There were bodies there too…

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RAD SANDBOX – Terra 01

This is another terrain model, city area and an off-road area as well. This is a direct X model and includes the finished model and all of the UV and graphic work as you see the model here.

As a note, I never do shots with shading, custom filters, or anything like that, I show exactly what the model looks like before shading, filters, etc.

This is a direct X model and is an immediate download after purchase and can be used in any commercial or personal project you choose to use it in with no further obligation or cost.


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    Direct X Big Truck Modeler

    All variations come with this purchase. The truck is an original old-time farm truck designed in Open FX Modeler and rendered in Direct X for use as a game ready model. The directory that contains your purchase contains all of the files in single formats or a zip file. All are yours to download and do as you please with, commercial or personal.

    I showed the frame in one of the images below, and as you can see it can be rendered without the truck body as it was designed with a full Tube-Frame.


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    Apocalypse from Barnes and Noble’s NOOK eReader

    #Apocalypse: The sun is down here. That time of evening when the sun is down and the moon has yet to rise: I heard some noise out near where I… Never mind what I did there, I’ll get to that soon enough, but I know damn well it’s one of them…;jsessionid=ED72F3CF15600AD61996DF796489A2E1.prodny_store02-atgap09?ean=2940046551945  #Zombie

    Building and doing the UV work on a model

    Building and UV work for a road piece This is a start to finish video showing a road segment build that I ultimately used to design the new city streets module in Rad Sandbox. This is built entirely in Ultimate Unwrap, from model to UV work. I don’t own Ultimate Unwrap but it is an awesome piece of software that can model as well as do UV work. #uv #3dmodels #radsandbox #Learningtomodel #buildingamodel #ultimateUnwrap #3d #openFXmodeler #gamer

     Used in video:

     Rad Sandbox.

    Open FX Modeler:

    Ultimate Unwrap:

    PhotoScape (UV graphics):

    Gimp (UV Graphics:

     I use Gimp and PhotoScape to do all of my image work. I have made custom graphic collections with PhotoScape so I can do UV work quickly.

    GIMP can use Photoshop filters and has over 100 of its own or user contributed filters and transitions/FX.

    I use both the 64 bit and the 32 bit versions of Ultimate Unwrap.

    All of my model UV/Graphic work is done with Ultimate Unwrap.

    I Have an advanced compiled (By me) version of Open FX Modeler that allows me to do direct work on my Direct X Models. When I am modeling, I work with Open FX most times, occasionally 3DS MAX Studio.

    I use RAD Sandbox to test/build and compile 3D games.

    A video tutorial showing a model build start to finish: #YouTube #uv #3dmodels #radsandbox #Learningtomodel #buildingamodel #ultimateUnwrap #3d #openFXmodeler #gamer


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    Rad Sandbox

    Open FX Modeler


    Dell Sweet on Apple Books

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    Ghostwriter services. Editing, live writing, ready short stories, manuscripts, more.


    Have you wanted to be a published author, but you just can’t seem to get the words flowing?

    You could take classes, learn what some writers might be convinced is the proper way to get your brain working and the writing flowing. It may work, but the chances are not absolute that it will. And, it takes a lot of time.

    Maybe you have the ability to work on a writing project, add your own ideas to it and make it yours. Why not take that a step further, purchase a written manuscript, make those changes and call it your own. It isn’t cheating, not really, many authors, maybe some you read, and some very successful ones use this method to develop their brand name. You have, more than likely read some of these works without even knowing it.

    What am I offering: I am offering either live or ready made manuscripts, blog posts, short stories that you can use as your own. I sell only my own work.

    Live writing, what does it mean?

    By live writing I mean projects you pay me to write from scratch. A blog post, a short story, an instructional manual or a full blown novel. This way you get exactly what you want. I write the piece you need, you approve it, pay off the balance (There is a fee for the hours I put into producing it for you, and a percentage of that is up front, non refundable, unless I fail to produce the product you ask for. That percentage also is deducted from the final fee.)

    What kind of a finished manuscript are you getting: You are getting a completely written story, start to finish. You are not getting an edited manuscript when I am live writing. Yes, I will do a light edit to remove spelling and grammar issues of a very low priority. So there will still be light errors in the manuscript. I leave it that way because getting into editing is very time consuming. First: Editing substantially changes the style and even the story line. If that is going to happen it should be you doing that editing so that your imprint/style is on the written material, not my own style superimposed on the manuscript. If you write, you understand that. Doing those edits yourself makes the manuscript your own, imposes your style upon it.

    Ready-made Manuscripts: These are anything from Blog-Posts to Short Stories to written manuscripts, to stock series, written, published, but UN-advertised. I publish my work because we are in an age where it can easily be stolen. It’s that simple. Anything I offer with an actual name (Book name or series name) has been published at some time to retain my copyright. Some has been published online, some in traditional manner yet unpublished as far as advertising it or circulating it. And some handwritten within a dateline. In any case, I can absolutely prove ownership of anything you purchase from me.

    Prices: Time really is money, but I am semi retired and so my time is not as expensive as you might think. I can give you 5 days a week, 8 to 12 hours of writing a day. So, between 40 – 60 hours at $18.00 per hour. I’ll give you a total for what you want, if it is stock, as I know already what I have in it, or I can bill you for hours, after a deposit has been made.

    Blogs: I have written hundreds of blog posts. Some I have used, others I have sold and adjusted to the buyers needs. I also have many mainstream/published and selling books that I have and can split into blog posts. Typically I like to remain between 1200 to 4000 words on books split into blog posts. It leaves you many, many posts from one book. Available: Space Scifi, Horror, apocalyptic, Zombies, How to write, How to build a guitar, self help, addiction, prison life, fiction articles and non fiction, fantasy, more.

    Short Stories: I have a few dozen short stories I can offer you. Western, Space Scifi, Horror, Fantasy ghost, many, many more, ask or give me an idea of what you need.

    Manuscripts: Crime, Zombie, Survival after a catastrophe, Guitar builds, Addiction (Based on true life; the names will be altered.), Ask for others. Approximately 60 manuscripts ready.

    Series: I have written and published several series under pen names. I have also protected myself with these series by originally publishing them as I wrote them in my own name, and then simply UN-publishing that result.

    Available series:

    America the Dead:

    So, there are ten series books, and then five collections, so 15 manuscripts total. There are covers pre-made and two pen names involved. Although I did not intend to actually sell copies, I have. The name, the story line does that without trying hard. The Pen names Are W. G. Sweet and Dell Sweet. You can keep them or change to your own.

    I also own the domain name (There is no SSL certificate as the domain is unused.), and it can come with the purchase if you want it, or you can purchase the series without the domain name.

    Earth’s Survivors:

    Three books published, and ready. There are other books in this series, all UN-published that will also be included.

    That makes 8 series books total, 5 collections plus a box set 14 manuscripts total, and a few collections of scenes that were edited out, or pieces I worked on but did not finish.

    There is also written material, enough to turn into several more digital books. It is hand written, and can be included or not. I also do own the domain you can have that included with your purchase, or not. 1 Pen name that can be purchased with it, or left out.

    As well there is a podcast based on the series that is in its second season (52 podcasts published as of this writing, and raw material to publish for several more seasons.) The Nation Chronicles. Check it out at: and a domain There are also three Nation Chronicles books written.

    The Pen Name Wendell Sweet is available, and the domain name is available. Unfortunately this material can not be split up as it is based on the same story line. So a sale would include all the Earth’s Survivors series, the Special editions, The Life Stories additions, The Nation Chronicles, Graphics, Covers, The Nation Chronicles Podcast and the three domains.

    The Zombie Plagues:

    7 Manuscripts in DOC or ODT. PDF, ePub, Mobi; all graphics, book covers.

    I own the domain which can be purchased with the series or not. The pen name is associated with another couple of series. If it is purchased with another series will no longer be available; and of course you can delete the covers, or pen name, and use your own material.

    Guitar Works:

    This series has manuscripts, images (Lo quality, and some hi quality) it was published to retain ownership/copyright, and unfortunately did sell some copies without advertising. This resulted in bad reviews because the editing was not done and the PDF format was not set well.

    There is a backup directory with some hi quality original images and some projects that were not turned into books that could be. There are 11 manuscripts. None have been edited. All have covers. The Pen name is the Geo Dell Pen name that could be retained. I own the domain name (Comes up with a security risk as there is no SSL certificate) which can be purchased with it.

    Star Dancer:

    I have various names/covers formatted. There are two books, many cover designs. The Dell Sweet pen name was used for this series. I do own the dell sweet domain, you can purchase with it or not. I have used that Pen Name for other series, so first come first served, I will simply reformat the remaining series in another pen name.

    Dead Road:

    2 books and a 3rd book written and not edited. Covers, graphics, manuscripts for all three books, PDF and ePub, Mobi if you need it. The James Whyte pen name is available. No domain.


    There are three short novels; Short Stories, Dello Green and Sanger Road. The manuscripts have been lightly edited. The are also ePub, Mobie, ODT and DOC versions. The covers, graphics and manuscripts are included. The Pen name is W W Watson and is included. There are no associated domains.


    There are seven manuscripts written, short to long. All are unedited, story-lines are complete. The individual books are loosely connected and feature the fictitious town of Glennville. They range from horror, fantasy, to apocalyptic fiction, two short manuscripts are young teen based. The Dell Sweet pen name is used, and the domain as well as the .

    Dreamer’s Worlds.

    Dreamers has been published in different formats, as two novels, or as a single novel under different titles. All manuscripts, ePub, PDF, MOBI, ODT, DOC and all covers, names are included. No domain included, but the Pen Name W. G. Sweet can be included, although it is also attached to other series and may not be available for purchase if it was purchased by another buyer: If it is sold I will provide covers with a different pen name.

    And there is more:

    My current directory with dozens and dozens of projects, some finished, some not, and series, etc.

    Blogs, very many blogs. Some edited, some not.

    Videos for nearly every book or series, including YouTube published material for series: Guitar builds, short stories, more.


    I write music and lyrics:

    Original Music by Dell Sweet

    A minor Acoustic

    Live A minor

    Studio Electric

    Frequent Walker

    Letter Home

    Rode the Limited

    Solution Six

    War at Home

    listen to some of the songs.

    These songs and the copyrights can be purchased, or the entire catalogue of lyrics and songs along with the Dell Sweet domain name is also available.

    I have more than a thousand sets of lyrics I have written.

    If you need something different, specialty writing, let me know.


    Find me on social media:

    Google BusinessTwitterFaceBookWendell Sweet FaceBookPinterest

    If you need phone or messenger conversations, I will comply with interested purchasers. Whatever you buy will be zipped up on my hard drive and sent to your eMail you provide to me. I won’t do Drop Box, I have been used with that process more than once. After payment I will zip the folder or folders, destroy the remains on my drive and UN-publish any of the individual books and or series you buy. In the case of live writing I will require a 10% deposit of an agreed upon price. If you fail to pay the balance the work I created becomes solely mine. Deposits are not refundable. Multiple purchases are welcomed, individual series books can not be broken down and offered separately.





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    And VK.

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    Another Wasteland model I am building…

    I am working on another Wastelands vehicle. About a week into it, mostly complete, except textures (UV’s). I want to get the vehicle base done, so I can get back to the city and begin to populate it…
    These views are in OFX and Ultimate Unwrap…