Dirt Track Racing 2 – Abandon-ware

I collect old software, abandon-ware, old DOS or Windows based games that are free to use, play, download. And I’m uploading them to my Google Space, 200 GB, and about an 1/8 of it used so far. I upload it and make it public from the link I post here.

Dirt Track Racing: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17tW3OZPemkscl9BK47fvf33UZ0Mmq5Cd?usp=sharing

The game is there, dozens of tracks, modding tools and more. About 2 GB of files you can download freely. I checked every file, Google checked them, no problems.

I have my own version, modded, and have added my own models, tracks and more. For an older game it has a lot going for it. I continue to play it and it continues to provide high quality fun.

It’s a blast. With the editors you can create or modify tracks. There is a model converter, so you can grab the models in the game or add new models.

A capture of the track. I can save it to 3DS or X, either use it in RAD Sandbox or 3D RAD 7.22, or customize it and add it back to the game.

The old box image

I added the LeadFoot tracks and trucks to my version, so I can drive those on any of the tracks I choose. I actually purchased LeadFoot, like 5 bucks, and pulled the trucks and tracks from it with the customizing tools and editors. Nearly the same engine, just a few changes between the two, and the same setup for how it accesses the files, so easy to get what you want.

Balázs Zsigmond Horváth

Here is a page you can use to access more information about RAD Sandbox and the original 3D RAD

Head to his website for the latest updates: https://meltingpot.hu/tourmoil/index.html

P R O J E C T Fast-paced, quick games in BETA stage using the 3D RAD engine. Later more scenery and a menu system will be added alongside many other tweaks. The main goal is to motivate IT students towards coding and OOP in 2021. TOURMOIL is free for everybody to enjoy! Development takes place at BKSZC Pogány Frigyes Technical School.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/CSnomwyzvLs Coming soon!

Download the game

SUPPLEMENTARY 3D RAD and TOURMOIL need DirectX to run, you can access it from here.

DEVELOPMENT AND QA Balázs Zsigmond Horváth – Bence Blaske – Kálmán Frankó (modeling, tweaking, quality assurrance)

SUPPORT If you would like to support us, please drop us an e-mail at zsmondi@gmail.com.

LINKS 3D RAD Sandbox – a site dedicated to 3D RAD development and projects, a feast to the eyes by Dell Sweet. Lots of awesome downloads alongside the 3D RAD engine. 2021 – THE MELTINGPOT

YouTube videos

Excuse the massive time lag with getting things done, but it is a one man operation, unless someone wants to volunteer? Huh? Okay, just me. So, it takes me time to purchase domains, set them up and then get the software in order.

On the sides you will see links to get the software free. It is a legit Google Account, not a free one, in other words the content won’t disappear, I’m paying for it to be there. Also, the domain is my own, so the site won’t disappear either.

This is a revamp of the old RAD. A few years of work, a lot more content, and YouTube videos to help you understand what is what and how to use it.

Installing 3D RAD

That video will install 3D RAD, if you have it, or the RAD Sandbox you can get here for free. The website no longer exists, I still own it, it will simply bring you to this site instead, and the links are laid out differently, but all the software is here, and it is free. The Help system/links for both RAD and OFX are also here. Complete and working. Many free models are already available and I will upload more in the near future. I have no problem adding other admins if you are going to participate, IE: upload projects, free stuff or paid stuff; models, ideas, etc. Check the YouTube channel below. I have a lot of instructive videos I will be uploading, some new projects, and I will keep on it as my writing schedule and home build allow. Have a video you want me to do? Have one of your own you want listed? Send it to me, authordellsweet@gmail.com Dell.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC592Q_CQPeOEU0Z2-iTNdCg


What is Lithunwrap? Lithunwrap is the early work of Brad Bolthouse the developer of Ultimate Unwrap. OFX has a built in UV wrap module, but I prefer to do all of my work in Ultimate Unwrap

I have used it for a few years and he keeps adding plugin (Various games formats, so you can work in your copy of Ultimate Unwrap on your game files, save them and play)

You can also use Ultimate Unwrap for many model functions. I have become familiar with it, and I can tell you it has many of the same top quality modeler functions available, so you can not only do UV work but model changes.upgrades, and format existing models you have to other formats. I love it.

I became a fan through Lithunwrap. Compared to Ultimate Unwrap it is limited, but it does have some uses, and it is free..

Download Lithunwrap

Game making with no Coding

Rad Sandbox is a fully featured Game Maker and runs on Windows XP – 10 It comes with its own compiler, so you can easily compile and share the games you make. It has many examples you can easily modify to make your own games.

Rad Sandbox is a fully featured Game Maker. It comes with its own compiler, so you can easily compile and share the games you make. It has many examples you can easily modify to make your own games.

The OFX 3D Modeler:  Sample models, the ability to open Direct X, 3DS, DXF, OBJ and more. Includes built-in animation suite and complete documentation. #Game #Creation

GET IT: OFX – RAD Sandbox

3D Model Builds…

The final Direct X truck build is Truck 18, another Rally build, driver,
 co-pilot and in the Direct X format (Microsoft) with all UV work. #DirectX #3DModels

Free Models

Stock Cars

Wastelands Model Builds


New Trucks

Race Trucks

Rally Cars

Roads and Streets

Wheel Sets

I have hundreds and hundreds of models I built, or that are open source, and I will continue to add them, Dell…

A complete city build I did for a game build…

This is a complete city. Some of the buildings are textured to show you how to do it easily. Some are left for you to do. There is an added road that leads from the city. #3dGameModels #RAD

I will add a model section for both buildings and wide areas, such as complete worlds.

RAD Sandbox

Installing RAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EJq83yx-tHynmYDwETE5VgQdveEobCsI/view?usp=sharing

Installing RAD and building a game: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pAtzwUniFuxs4ZwbaWlwFNNyefjgdz0m/view?usp=sharing

RAD Pro Sandbox – 3D Game Creation. RAD Sandbox: Rad Sandbox is a fully featured Game Maker and will run on Windows XP–10. It comes with its own compiler, so you can easily compile and share the games you make. #GameCreation #3DSandbox

Get it Now: Download is free (Complete RAD Sandbox, not crippled)