Ultimate 3D Pro 64 bit

Working on building Modular Terrains to use in worlds. These are from scratch, built not on a spline, but from other models I have built. They were built and then the UV work was done in Ultimate 3D Pro 64 bit.

I had just purchased the 64 bit version a few weeks back and wanted to see how well it did with larger models. I have loaded and worked on up to 15 mg models, impossible to do with other software as a whole model, I would have to split up and do it in stages. I made the purchase as an upgrade from the 32 bit version so the cost was much less and well worth it, as I am learning Unreal and want to transfer the work I have done in RAD to Unreal, and the city alone is now well over 12 mg with no additions, just streets, buildings and other meshes: That is including a desert wasteland the size of the city, and a subterranean sewer/storm system under the city that exits in the desert; or you can reach the desert via the bridges that span the storm/viaduct.

The point is, Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro 64 bit loads and handles the model with no trouble at all.

I built the models in 3DS format in my own Modeler I built from a build out of the modeler in Open FX, imported them into Ultimate Unwrap, did the UV work and then saved them as Direct X format for use in RAD or maybe I will convert them to FBX to use in Unreal 4.

The Modeler was not hard to remove and assemble. It imports the Direct X, MXF, 3DS, FBX, OBJ, and exports 3DS, FBX and OBJ and of course MFX. It is lite weight, and it either imports the models textures or checkerboards it. It is a good modeler, I just never liked all the extras that came with it that I never used and didn’t work well..

Quite a long section of dirt road, rocky cliffs on one side, dried out grass and rock on the other. The editor window in Ultimate Unwrap.