The Earth’s Survivors complete series – Apple books

Earth’s Survivors Rising from the Ashes: An epic adventure to survive the end of society. The end begins with scattered survivors struggling to understand what has happened to the safe, familiar world they knew… #Apocalypse #ExtinctionEvent

Earth’s Survivors The Nation: We believe that the end of society means the end of the world, and I guess it did for some of us. But the end of Earth? No. Earth will go on and on when we are nothing at all but dust upon the ground. #Apocalyptic #Survive

Earth’s Survivors: Home in the Valley. The roads were bad; good fuel was tough to find: It all burned, but if the vehicles were severely under-powered and knocked; it was the bad stuff. Even so; the roadway itself was the worst of it. #Apocalyptic #Horror

Earth’s Survivors: Plague …  There was no time for thought. He swung his rifle up and fired. He had no time to register what he had accomplished. He dropped his eyes from the woods, alerted by a yell from Tim on the other side of him and the Zombie was on him just that fast.

Earth’s Survivors: Watertown. What starts out as a drug deal quickly spirals into the first steps in the fall of the old society… Follow along as we step back in time and tell the tale of the beginning of the end…

Earth’s Survivors: World Order “They will do the same thing we have been doing. Supply runs. Ammunition runs, weapons… And a few other things that are the business of this council and no one else,” Ronnie said. #Apocalyptic #horror

“You’re afraid Frank, you’re afraid that God might ask too much… God don’t ever ask too much, just what you kin handle, Frank,” Jeremiah stated calmly. #Apocalyptic #Horror

His gun was aimed at the ground, close to her feet. She had only a split second to decide. He was less than five feet away, the gun rising from the ground, when she pushed the trigger and watched the stream leap at him. #Horror #Apocalyptic

Mike drove the barrel of his gun into the zombies head, got it lined up, the zombie biting at him as he went down, missing by scant inches. Mike pulled the trigger and the zombies head exploded in a spray of black. #Apocalyptic #Horror

The planet Earth is about to experience an extinction event. Most of the world will be gone when it is finished, but some will survive. Candace and Mike are two of those survivors.  #Apocalyptic #Horror

Beth comes from Los Angeles in the first days of the Apocalypse and makes her way across the country to the east coast and the Nation which is growing in the former state of Kentucky. #Apocalyptic #Horror

The Story of Bear: Bear is the man who made his way out of New York amidst the death and destruction of the apocalypse and fought his way across the country, finally ending up a member of the Nation, and the Leader of the first OutRunner team.


The man moved more fully out of the shadows. “You Gabe?” he asked.

The darker shadow nodded. “You…?” He started.

“Now who else would I be?” He asked.

The darker shadow said nothing. The other man passed him a small paper bag.

#Apocalyptic #Horror

Earth’s Survivors box set contains the entire Earth’s Survivors series in one volume. A meteorite that was supposed to miss the earth hits and becomes the cap to a series of events that destroy the world as we know it. #Apocalyptic #Horror