Open FX: OFX Modeler

This is a build from source code of the open source Animation and Modeling Design software Open FX. It looks like the last official update was in 2017.

What I changed: Icons, splash screens, updated to Windows 10 and compiled with VSC++ Community 2019. Tested it several days and it works very well. I noticed there is still an undo bug: IE it will give a message ‘Error in Hierarchy’ when you attempt to undo, but it will undo the changes. That bug has been there a while, given time I might track it down. This build has the extra functions, and newer builds of all the DLL files as well. All the DLL files were updated to the newest tool-set, excepting the general import DLL.

Imports: 3DS, DAE, DFX, STL, OBJ, Direct X, LWO files, and of course the programs default file MFX.

Exports: 3DS, DXF, STL, VRML, MFX.

I also compiled the ASSIMP library for this build, and so the exe file is there and all the imports and exports ASSIMP supports are available through the ASSIMP viewer.

Open FX is what I use for my modelling. The link is an instant download.

Get it: OFX2019

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