More work on the cage for the buggy…

3D Model building with Ultimate Unwrap only… Ultimate unwrap had built in modeling tools. I am building this cage using only the Ultimate Unwrap software…

#3D Models #GameMaking

Ultimate Unwrap:

A complete Direct X Road System with UV’s: There are very many bonus pieces, including a complete untextured test track I built to test physics in RAD.

Complete Road System 3DS format, Apocalypse UV: A complete road system in the 3DS format. All the main road pieces are textured in the shown Apocalypse map.

Abandoned Taxi Cab – Direct X with image maps: A taxi I built in OFX to use in the RAD City project. This is Direct X and includes the image maps.

Red Muscle car – Direct X format with image maps: A red muscle car built in OFX and used in RAD. This model is mid poly, Direct X, includes the image map.

Police car pack – Direct X format with UV’s: A 4 pack model set of police cars. Built in OFX for RAD in the Direct X format.

Six tire and rim setups Lo-Poly: Six tire and rim setups that were built for RAD. I use them on models in the game. These files can be easily animated and used in the RAD add-ons folder. All Direct X.

City in Direct x format with all UV’s: A textured city layout. Roads, curbs, sidewalks, buildings, underground sewer area that can be driven through. Bridges, and a few undeveloped areas you can build on or add to.

Low Poly Prop cars – Direct X with UV’s: 7 Low Poly vehicles in Direct X format with UV maps.

3 Buses, 1 RV, 3 Cars.

The Wastelands Collection. 4 Direct X models. 4 models I built for an Earth’s Survivors game I am working on. All 4 are Direct X and include the UV files.

Lo-Poly Building set Direct X. A set of low poly buildings suitable for backgrounds in your games. All models are in the Direct X format and include the UV files.

Low Poly off road vehicles. 5 pack. This is a pack of five lo-poly models built for and used in the off-road demo made with Rad and OFX.

Rad Game Engine with dependencies. This is a game engine that anyone can use. If you are looking to learn how to easily build 3D games, check out RAD.

Open FX 2019. An open modeler with a built in animation suite. A complete Model and Animation solution in one package.