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Wastelands direct X Game Models – Dell Sweet


This is Wastelands truck 14. Built from junkyard scrap. This model is in the Direct X format, but the 3DS and UVD formats are also available from the archive. Includes all UV work and graphics. Direct download after payment. $39.09



Apocalyptic wastelands car 15: This model is in the Direct X format and is game ready with all UV and graphic work included. $19.50 and a direct download after purchase.


A military based truck model in the Direct X Format. Includes the Direct X model and all the UV and graphic work. $89.10 and a direct download after payment. Usage: Commercial and personal


Glennville 02 – Youth Fiction – 1969

Glennville #2: A short story that goes back to a time when life was simpler. This short story is set in the fictitious city of Glennville where the Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth series is set. It introduces Bobby and Moon who play a part in the Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth series in books four and five. This short story closely follows a real incident from my own youth…

Wastelands 07 – Direct X Model

$29.99 includes all UV work and graphics. This is a tube constructed vehicle used to deliver critical supplies through out the wastelands. This model is an immediate download after payment and is usable in all your game projects, personal and commercial

Wastelands direct X model 09

Nine is a junk yard relic, built from scrap with oversized fuel storage to make trips across the wastelands. $99.99 includes the Direct X model, graphics and all UV work. 3DS, FBX, DXF, U3d formats included. Direct download after purchase.

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James Whyte – Zombie Fiction

Dead Road: Trigger
by James Whyte
series Dead Road #1
“The virus is designed to live within the host, but it can stay alive in a dead body for days, even if the body is frozen. In fact that just freezes the virus too; once the body is thawed it will infect any living person that comes along. So those,” he pointed to the silver cartridges, “are overkill. Same stuff is being released across the globe. Great Briton… Germany… Australia… West coast … Read more
$2.99 USD