Apocalypse vehicle 02

The Apocalypse vehicles are based on a post apocalyptic world as in my America The Dead books. I began building a game in 3D RAD and built these cars to use in that game. I am also dabbling with the UNREAL engine. Both engines use Direct X models, and so these models are in the Direct X format as well as the 3DS format.

This is car based, completely scalable and comes with the Direct X model as well as the 3DS model, all the UV image files. This is in a standard 3DS format and Direct X 10. The image files are all JPG files.

This model can be used in personal or commercial projects. You may not resell the files singly or in a collection.

The file will come in one ZIP files that includes all models and images.


If you would like any information about me or my models, you can write to me
at Dell@sotofo.com.

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