Balázs Zsigmond Horváth

Here is a page you can use to access more information about RAD Sandbox and the original 3D RAD

Head to his website for the latest updates:

P R O J E C T Fast-paced, quick games in BETA stage using the 3D RAD engine. Later more scenery and a menu system will be added alongside many other tweaks. The main goal is to motivate IT students towards coding and OOP in 2021. TOURMOIL is free for everybody to enjoy! Development takes place at BKSZC Pogány Frigyes Technical School.

Pursuit Coming soon!

Download the game

SUPPLEMENTARY 3D RAD and TOURMOIL need DirectX to run, you can access it from here.

DEVELOPMENT AND QA Balázs Zsigmond Horváth – Bence Blaske – Kálmán Frankó (modeling, tweaking, quality assurrance)

SUPPORT If you would like to support us, please drop us an e-mail at

LINKS 3D RAD Sandbox – a site dedicated to 3D RAD development and projects, a feast to the eyes by Dell Sweet. Lots of awesome downloads alongside the 3D RAD engine. 2021 – THE MELTINGPOT

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