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Excuse the massive time lag with getting things done, but it is a one man operation, unless someone wants to volunteer? Huh? Okay, just me. So, it takes me time to purchase domains, set them up and then get the software in order.

On the sides you will see links to get the software free. It is a legit Google Account, not a free one, in other words the content won’t disappear, I’m paying for it to be there. Also, the domain is my own, so the site won’t disappear either.

This is a revamp of the old RAD. A few years of work, a lot more content, and YouTube videos to help you understand what is what and how to use it.

Installing 3D RAD

That video will install 3D RAD, if you have it, or the RAD Sandbox you can get here for free. The website no longer exists, I still own it, it will simply bring you to this site instead, and the links are laid out differently, but all the software is here, and it is free. The Help system/links for both RAD and OFX are also here. Complete and working. Many free models are already available and I will upload more in the near future. I have no problem adding other admins if you are going to participate, IE: upload projects, free stuff or paid stuff; models, ideas, etc. Check the YouTube channel below. I have a lot of instructive videos I will be uploading, some new projects, and I will keep on it as my writing schedule and home build allow. Have a video you want me to do? Have one of your own you want listed? Send it to me, Dell.


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