Dirt Track Racing 2 – Abandon-ware

I collect old software, abandon-ware, old DOS or Windows based games that are free to use, play, download. And I’m uploading them to my Google Space, 200 GB, and about an 1/8 of it used so far. I upload it and make it public from the link I post here.

Dirt Track Racing: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17tW3OZPemkscl9BK47fvf33UZ0Mmq5Cd?usp=sharing

The game is there, dozens of tracks, modding tools and more. About 2 GB of files you can download freely. I checked every file, Google checked them, no problems.

I have my own version, modded, and have added my own models, tracks and more. For an older game it has a lot going for it. I continue to play it and it continues to provide high quality fun.

It’s a blast. With the editors you can create or modify tracks. There is a model converter, so you can grab the models in the game or add new models.

A capture of the track. I can save it to 3DS or X, either use it in RAD Sandbox or 3D RAD 7.22, or customize it and add it back to the game.

The old box image

I added the LeadFoot tracks and trucks to my version, so I can drive those on any of the tracks I choose. I actually purchased LeadFoot, like 5 bucks, and pulled the trucks and tracks from it with the customizing tools and editors. Nearly the same engine, just a few changes between the two, and the same setup for how it accesses the files, so easy to get what you want.