Updated the drive

I spent this morning updating the Google Drive collection. Models, games, abandon ware, open source, public domain and more. Today:

Open Source LUA script collection: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jFa3qYkUJwO8cVFYGxqs5SzBpgiAkNzO?usp=sharing

LUA scripting works with OGRE and with RAD 7.22 and RAD Sandbox with very small changes. So this bank of scripts will help you to expand your projects/games and abilities to access parts of the 3D Engine through direct scripting.

I also finished my little side project of the VAN-Pickup build: Download it… https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FPXTYAOSLLlJcfn75e5mUd83AX-CQKXh?usp=sharing

And last, Super Racing. Super Racing is an Open Source/Public Domain OGRE project that is very modifiable and will also show you how to work with OGRE and Crazy Eddies GUI system: Get it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OT7hYJtC9a355xPXV6yhRkTwG9QoUbDa/view?usp=sharing

As usual my models and the things upload and offer are freeware, public Domain, you can do as you like with them, Dell.


What is Lithunwrap? Lithunwrap is the early work of Brad Bolthouse the developer of Ultimate Unwrap. OFX has a built in UV wrap module, but I prefer to do all of my work in Ultimate Unwrap

I have used it for a few years and he keeps adding plugin (Various games formats, so you can work in your copy of Ultimate Unwrap on your game files, save them and play)

You can also use Ultimate Unwrap for many model functions. I have become familiar with it, and I can tell you it has many of the same top quality modeler functions available, so you can not only do UV work but model changes.upgrades, and format existing models you have to other formats. I love it.

I became a fan through Lithunwrap. Compared to Ultimate Unwrap it is limited, but it does have some uses, and it is free..

Download Lithunwrap