Adding your own models to RAD Sandbox

Have you wondered exactly how you can get your model in your RAD powered game? Here is a step by step video to show you how, Dell…

I have seen a few videos, some of my own included, that just don’t tell you how to add your own models to RAD in a clear and precise way, start to finish, in one video where the directions form the speaker can be heard, and in HD so that what is done can also be clearly seen. This should be exactly what a few of you have asked for more than once. Something else you don’t understand or need a clearer video of? Let me know, Dell. #RAD#3DRAD#GameCreation#DellSweet

RAD Script and add-on additions

Add-ons for 3D RAD and RAD Sandbox: Tested, working with RAD 7.22 and RAD Sandbox

I have installed and tried these add-ons myself and they are very worth installing, so as to gain new functions the advanced script editor and much more, Dell…

Advanced Script Editor:

Bad Weather:

Changing Sky:

Cloth Flag:

Digital Font:

Endless drivable terrain:


Factory Pack:


Shader Library Version 2:

Additional files:

Direct X Runtime setup (Required to run RAD):

VC Redistributable:

Enjoy, Dell…


Disclaimer: Disclaimer: TOURMOIL is under constant development, at this point the first full version with a menu is around 1.05 GB. The downloaded archive can be extracted anywhere. All cars are playable. The menu needs .NET Framework 5 to run, also included. Enjoy! 🙂

*This is the latest update/download of Tourmoil from our friends in Hungary! This is a full working version of the game so far.

Here is the link to the current, full version of the game – 1,05 GB:

Updated the drive

I spent this morning updating the Google Drive collection. Models, games, abandon ware, open source, public domain and more. Today:

Open Source LUA script collection:

LUA scripting works with OGRE and with RAD 7.22 and RAD Sandbox with very small changes. So this bank of scripts will help you to expand your projects/games and abilities to access parts of the 3D Engine through direct scripting.

I also finished my little side project of the VAN-Pickup build: Download it…

And last, Super Racing. Super Racing is an Open Source/Public Domain OGRE project that is very modifiable and will also show you how to work with OGRE and Crazy Eddies GUI system: Get it:

As usual my models and the things upload and offer are freeware, public Domain, you can do as you like with them, Dell.

Working directory

This is the directory on my model drive where I work on projects. The only drawback for you is it is all in Direct X, as that is what I use. But you may run across 3DS or FBX or even OBJ dependent upon what I am working on. One of the folders is called parts. I use that fold a lot. Every custom piece I make is stored there. Need a front military truck bumper? An engine? Wheel model. Front bush guard? Driver? You get the idea, they are all in there and more Plus all the models I am working on right now, in various stages of completion.

It is all free for you to use and or copy and or modify. No attribution, I release it as Public Domain. Enjoy. If you find something on my site that isn’t free, tell me. I list things others build if they are free, but if they get it on the site and then decide to charge for it, I’ll remove it. If you would like to share something, or suggest some build, send it to me Yes, I’m an actual author and I do this in my spare time.

Go to and you will find my books, some free eBooks of mine, a couple of podcasts I produce, my blog and more. Enjoy this new directory. It is on Google Plus on a paid plan. I own it and pay for it, so it won’t go anywhere.