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This piece of software is amazing if you look at what it can do, and has been able to do for years now. You can build a terrain easily with it. I have updated the textures in this version to larger file sizes and many more to choose from/paint with. #TerrainMaker  #GameCreation

Game Build 01: This is part one of  game build. I’ll continue with two more parts to finish the build out. This should give you a good idea of how the process works, Dell #RADSandbox #3D #GameCreation

Game Build 02: Part 2 of the game build: A start to finish game build you can use to better understand how to build your own game. #GameCreation #RadSandbox #3D #3DModeling

Game Build 03: The last segment of the game build. Follow the three videos here to learn how to build a game start to finish #GameCreation #RADSandbox $OPENFXModeler #3DGames

A demo of a game I built with RAD Sandbox #RADSandbox #Demo #3DGame

Building a terrain to use in game creation. I will use this in RAD Sandbox, but the resulting model could be used in any game creation system. #GameCreation #3DModels #RADSandbox

Showing how you can customize RAD Sandbox easily with your own models, graphics and more…


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