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Mister Bob

Mister Bob is a collection of short stories from Author Dell Sweet. #ShortStories #eBooks #Apple

Crime Time

Dell Sweet

Crime Time is a collection of nine crime stories from author Dell Sweet. From short stories to near novel length… #ShortStories #Apple #CrimeFiction

Writing Basics. How I make money as a writer. Tips, Techniques. Earn an actual living selling your books on-line #Earn #Money #Apple 

Writing Basics – Kindle edition by Sweet, Dell, Sweet, W. G.. Reference Kindle eBooks @

White Trash A L Norton and Dell Sweet

Hardcore crime fiction in the pulp tradition. #Crime #Apple #eBooks


Zombie fiction from #Apple #eBooks

Star Dancer: Book one. Michael Watson is the captain of an inner galaxy cruiser: He Purchased Star Dancer right out of school and has spent the last twenty years running people and supplies to outposts within the confines of the Solar System and the established bases on the Moon, Mars and Saturn’s moons. The times are changing though and the big money is in the longer out of system runs. To do that he’ll need a crew and a bigger ship, but he has the ambition and the rest just might fall into place. Star Dancer eBook : Sweet, Dell: Kindle Store

Necro: #writerscommunity #ebooks He had been lying half in half out of the gutter for the last several hours that he knew of. He had no idea how long before that. Days? Weeks? Weeks seemed wrong. Days, he decided. #Zombie #Apocalyptic #Horror

Borderline: Collected Short Stories Dell Sweet Borderline:

He had walked past the mouth of the alleyway twice already. There was someone in the car, just a suggestion of a someone, but someone nonetheless. Wasn’t there? Or was it his mind playing tricks on him?

The motor purred softly on the old Ford as it sat in the alleyway, the exhaust rumbling off the brick walls. Just far enough back so as not to attract a great deal of attention, but close enough that it had caught Billy’s attention. And the problem with that was it would not let him go. He had to know what the car was doing there.

Only in Dreams – Fantasy from Dell Sweet. An early morning on a quiet road turns into a lifetime of nightmares for Joe when he loses everything in a split second. #Horror #Apple

Mexico Bound

I buried the Mexican just after sundown. I can’t say much about the sort of man he was in life, but I can say he was a strong man in death. The Moon has led my way and I’m on my way across the desert into Mexico…

Yellowstone We all think that Yellowstone is the remains of an extinct volcano. Except it is not true at all because the Yellowstone caldera is not extinct, it is active. There were, at one time, many active volcanoes on the North American continent. Yellowstone remains ready to blow at any time… #Super #Volcanoes

Rapid City… Zombies and Cowboys. The wild west after the zombie apocalypse #Zombie #WildWest #Apple

Non Fiction: Life in a Minor. My life on the streets as a young teen in Western New York #DrugAddiction #StreetLife #Apple

Non Fiction: True stories from a small town. Real stories from my life growing up in Northern New York. #NonFiction #Apple

Author Dell Sweet on Apple #iTunes #iBooks #Apple #Horror #Crime #Apocalyptic

Author Geo Dell on iTunes #GuitarBuilds #Luthier #Apocalyptic #Crime

Author W. G. Sweet at iBooks #iTunes #iBooks #apple #Mythology #ApocalypticFiction


Make your own games…

RAD Sandbox




OFX Modeler:

#3DModels #DirectX #GameCreation


Dell Sweet on Apple Books

America the Dead Complete Podcast PlayList

PayPal Donations My donations page to help support the free podcasts, writing, stories and 3D work!

#shortstory #FreeStories #freecontent #horrorstory #podcast

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