Building and doing the UV work on a model

Building and UV work for a road piece This is a start to finish video showing a road segment build that I ultimately used to design the new city streets module in Rad Sandbox. This is built entirely in Ultimate Unwrap, from model to UV work. I don’t own Ultimate Unwrap but it is an awesome piece of software that can model as well as do UV work. #uv #3dmodels #radsandbox #Learningtomodel #buildingamodel #ultimateUnwrap #3d #openFXmodeler #gamer

 Used in video:

 Rad Sandbox.

Open FX Modeler:

Ultimate Unwrap:

PhotoScape (UV graphics):

Gimp (UV Graphics:

 I use Gimp and PhotoScape to do all of my image work. I have made custom graphic collections with PhotoScape so I can do UV work quickly.

GIMP can use Photoshop filters and has over 100 of its own or user contributed filters and transitions/FX.

I use both the 64 bit and the 32 bit versions of Ultimate Unwrap.

All of my model UV/Graphic work is done with Ultimate Unwrap.

I Have an advanced compiled (By me) version of Open FX Modeler that allows me to do direct work on my Direct X Models. When I am modeling, I work with Open FX most times, occasionally 3DS MAX Studio.

I use RAD Sandbox to test/build and compile 3D games.

A video tutorial showing a model build start to finish: #YouTube #uv #3dmodels #radsandbox #Learningtomodel #buildingamodel #ultimateUnwrap #3d #openFXmodeler #gamer


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