Apocalypse build number 11 in the Open FX Modeler

Apocalypse build number 11 in the Open FX Modeler

Open FX Modeler Apocalyptic Build number 11: This is an off-road Jump-Stadium truck. Custom frame and a tubular chassis extension. Roll bars, reinforced bumpers, huge lift kit and grafted in 4×4 running gear.

This truck does desert runs during the winter months between the settlements.

This model is in the Microsoft DirectX format and is complete with all graphic, maps, and UV work as shown in the images. You can easily translate this to another format, but it is a direct drop into RAD Sandbox or other Direct X Game Creation software.

This is a direct download after payment and you can use this model in any project, commercial or personal without further obligation/charges and without attributes.

Home: http://www.radsandbox.com

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